Bande Noir is a Ready to wear collection launched in Fall 2018 on the fashion tenets of confident femininity, thoughtful details and effortless styling. Creative Director Mayte Allende’s aesthetic is anchored in the tension between powerful female allure and sharp masculine practicality. Her 15 year career as an editor and stylist at esteemed industry publications W Magazine and WWD, has shaped her unique point of view. She approaches the design process by focusing first on distinctive details- for example delicate pleated peplums, sculpted waists and strategic draping and designing around them with an emphasis on comfort and ease. 

The late 80’s and early 90’s, a time where showmanship and minimalism clashed for a rare moment in fashion, serve as Allende’s constant source of inspiration. Bande Noir distills high fashion references into tailoring, sportswear, and eveningwear elements crafted to discreetly emphasize the female figure. The result is a collection of memorable pieces that stand on their own yet serve to elevate one’s wardrobe. “For me, the modern wardrobe consists of pieces that are translatable, adaptable and can serve more than one purpose- the eternal question is will my customer be able to make this piece her own and will she still love this piece seasons after?”